Cheeky Chillers

The silly season delivered in December 2019 as Gloria Jean’s coffee shops released a line of collectible minis – Cheeky Chillers. Nick Did This was commissioned to bring to life a handful of these cheeky little characters, establishing detailed personality profiles and animated interpretations for social media.

Initially, the characters were going to be animated in After Effects as 2D puppets – Sour Puss was the proof of concept (see below). This was certainly the fastest way to bring these characters to life, but just quietly I felt that the differentiation between characters would be tricky in 2D – plus how could I show off those butts!?! I had after all, been supplied with both 3D rendered stills and the 3D models.

The original Cheeky Chiller characters were designed by Dee Mushcab and the 3D models created by Firose K.P. These models were fine for glossy promotional renders (and presumably for the production of the collectible minis too) but they needed a little tweaking to be used for animation. Rigged, staged, lit and retextured for Blender‘s EEVEE renderer, I was up and running… or rather – Volt was up and running :-)