About + Contact

Hello, I’m Laurence.

I’m skilled and experienced in crafting beautiful moving visuals that feel good to watch, including motion graphics, TVCs, corporate AVs and animation.

I have a broad experience and understanding of video post production with expertise in After Effects and the Adobe Creative Suite. My strength is creating motion graphics and video content – covering a broad range of associated digital media skills, including:

▻ illustration and asset prep (Photoshop / Illustrator)
▻ constructing/deconstructing storyboards (InDesign)
▻ working knowledge of broadcast standards for TVCs
▻ best practices for online and social media AVs
▻ 3d asset prep and creation (Blender)
▻ colour grading and compositing (Premiere Pro / DaVinci Resolve / After Effects)
▻ sound mixing for broadcast and online (Premiere Pro / Audition)

I’ll take on any challenge that’s thrown at me and I love learning new tricks. Skills I employ in the service of creating video content for TVCs, social media, interviews, explainers, events, educational material, digital signage, banners and corporate AVs include:

▻ 2d and 3d motion graphics (After Effects / Blender)
▻ 2d and 3d character animation (After Effects / Blender)
▻ video editing (online and offline … although those lines have blurred) (Premiere Pro)
▻ stop-motion animation (this one time https://www.notbyhalf.com/portfolio/cquniversity-tvcs/)
▻ animated GIFs (still a thing)
▻ HTML5 banners (After Effects and Lottie JSON export)

I’d be happy to discuss my role in any of the projects listed here. Give me a shout.